100 hundred years on exhibition international women's day

100 Years On International Womens Day

    100 Years On International Women’s Day

A Celebration of Women in the Arts

Launching on March 8, 100 Years On International Women’s Day, celebrating women in the arts – until 22 March, the exhibition has included pieces by artists such as the celebrated Artist Maggi Hambling and The fantastic Tracey Emin. The Hampstead gallery will mark 100 years since The Representation of the People’s Act and celebrate International Women’s Day,

The show has featured a range of beautiful works, we have 15 prevalent and inspiring women artists, including Kate Garner’s iconic 1990s shots of a young Kate Moss clutching a teddy bear; never before seen small seascape artwork from one of Britain’s most distinguished contemporary artists Maggi Hambling; and pieces by Rebecca Fontaine Wolf, who was a winner of the BBC’s ‘Show Me the Monet’ and recently became Vice President to the Society of Women Artists. Also on display will be illustrations by Charlotte Posner, whose work has been used across the fashion and advertising worlds, including collaborations with style powerhouse Louis Vuitton and Jeff Koons.

Shani Joel’s work encourages freedom of self-expression for women in the modern world, inspired by their portrayal in the visual arts throughout history.
One of the fifteen female artists, Lucie Flynn – who assisted in the management of Damien Hirst’s studio and was an integral part of the installations team and whose first Cow in the series was bought by Banksy, said: “I am so honoured to be a part of the ‘100 Years On’ show at a time when all over the world, issues that were once ignored are finally coming to the surface. Women are speaking up and using their voice to make clear changes.”

Caroline Reed added: “Being a mother, surviving in a male-dominated world, fighting for equality and the right to be taken seriously gives me so much inspiration. Women have a lot to say and I hope the art world is ready to
embrace it.”

40 years in Business

Zebra One Gallery director and curator of 100 Years On, Gabrielle Du Plooy, said, “Being the gallery’s 40th year in business and my tenth year as Director, we have decided that our first exhibition of 2018 will show women who are making their way in business and across the art world – showcasing the works and journeys of female artists.

“The show is inspired by the importance of the 100th year anniversary of the people’s act,  as well as celebrate the 100 years on by way of International Women’s Day.”

Gabrielle took over Zebra One Gallery ten years ago from her father, Lee Du Plooy, and quickly set about putting her own stamp on the business -transforming Zebra One into a Photography gallery selling rare and exclusive images of modern masters from the 20th century making a name for herself in an industry that is predominantly powered by men.

Gabrielle has now moved the gallery into a more contemporary style and has a fantastic clientele who turn to her for art consultation, she works with a number of interior design companies, hotels, and private members clubs and individuals advising them on what art should adorn their walls.

She said: “It’s been a fantastic ten years, and I have seen a change in attitudes towards women in the arts, in business and in general. 100 Years On International Women’s Day will  celebrate us as women and all we can achieve”

The full list of artists whose work was shown in this exhibition are Kate Garner, Teresa Narduzzo, Karin Jolly, Kate Nicholson, Maggi Hambling, Lucie Flynn, Rebecca Fontaine Wolfe, Tracey Emin, Charlotte Posner, Suzy Platt, Sue Skitt, Caroline Reed, Shani Joel, Monika Nowak and Iva Troj

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6 Mar 2018 – On March 8, Hampstead’s Zebra One Gallery is hosting a VIP private viewing of an all-female exhibition “100 Years On”,  

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