THE PRODUCER BDB Kate - RED Collab with Flore - 72 X 36 Acrylic, Aerosol and Watercolor on Wood Panel finished with resin

The Producer Bdb

The Producer BDB


The Producer BDB is a contemporary artist with his roots beginning in street art. His drawings combine Pop Icons with current fashion trends. His distinct style emerges from the street, pop, fashion and fine art. The early stages of his career were marked by a series of mural works. He traveled around the globe and created murals on the cities of Paris, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Berlin and Los Angeles. 


In his artworks, one can find characters such as Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Hillary Clinton, John Lennon and countless others. He often collaborates with other artists such as Flore (Artist), Chris Brown and Karen Bystedt.His art has been showcased and bought by collectors around the world in the streets and Art Galleries of Rio De Janerio, Madrid, Paris, Miami, Berlin and Los Angeles, where he currently resides.

Original pop art collaborations by Flore X The Producer BDB.

The dynamic duo have been shown at art fairs such as Pop International, Art Miami, Art Aspen, Art Hamptons, Art Houston, Love Art Toronto, and Houston Art Fair. They have upcoming shows at Art Basel Red Dot and the LA Art Show.

In addition, they have shown with artists such as Bradley Theodore, Chris Brown, Jerkface, Gregory Siff, Retna and Britto at the Yankee Seats Show.

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