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Dom Pattinson creates fun, sassy, provocative imagery that connects with the viewer on many different levels and wills you to see the humour behind the image but also his message. He has recently been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair and The Times he has made the cover of London’s Time Out, among other numerous publications.

Art by Dom is collected by Hollywood celebrity, Royalty and International Ambassadors. His work has recently and completely sold out at his solo shows and Art Fairs in NYC, Portugal and he is represented in London and the Uk by Zebra One Gallery

Original Enquire about Doms Artworks on Paper and Canvas.

You can get Dom 's artworks on paper and canvas, all works are original as Dom cuts a new stencil for each piece of work that he creates. With a paper piece being easier on the budget enquire with Zebra One Gallery and we will go through the process with you.


Refining and nourishing his unpolished creativity as a younger man, Dom attended Winchester School of Art and graduated with a BA (Hons) he then went to the Glasgow School of Art to study for an MA which stoked a pursuit for a creative outlet and a platform to express all that he felt.


Predominantly his influences came two-fold, He spent a length of time living in the Soviet Union and was immersed in the propaganda art that Russia was producing and then Northern Ireland where he witnessed young Sinn Fein activists with heightened emotions, which were expressed with politically motivated public displays – street art in its rawest form. Dom realised that love and hate were different sides of the same coin and it was this concept of conflicted emotion that is prevalent in much of his work.


Teaching allowed relationships with teenagers other than his own to form from which he drew stories and emotions and allowed him to consolidate in his mind the dilemmas his own children faced which conceptually flourishes into some of his best work to-date.

More Than Art

His experience excluding teaching found himself indulging in the craft of boat-making, including production design for Casino Royale (2006).


Dom’s style of urban original street art stands out amongst the Graffiti Art Movement because the Art by Dom is created on the canvas a piece of work that can be hung on your wall at home unlike most urban art today that is only able to be appreciated on a wall in a public area.

Supporting a Good Cause

The artist is very committed to supporting those in need, he frequently works alongside charities to raise awareness of those in plight, he supported the fantastic International Rescue Committee and David Rowntree of Blur amongst other fantastic celebrities who donated to the great cause by donating works alongside  Zebra One at The Star Boot Sale in aid of Syrian refugee children.

There was a BBC documentary on him in 2017, more recently he has been commissioned by Ted Baker to decorate their flagship store in New York.

A Dom Pattinson canvas was bought by George Clooney for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts wedding gift.

Dom Pattinson Artist @artbydom puts free art all around London Good Friday (14 April-15th) 2017

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