Endangered exhibition with Dan Pearce


Hampstead art gallery and dealership Zebra One Gallery exhibition Endangered featured a series of 15 powerful artworks by artist Dan Pearce highlighted our precious wildlife bordering on extinction, it launched with a Private View on 27th June at 19 Greek st W1 the exhibition then opened on the 28th at the Gallery.

Endangered Exhibition

The show supported the charity International Animal Rescue (IAR), Which was founded in 1989, International Animal Rescue is an incredible UK based charity dedicated to saving animals from suffering around the world. Its primary focus is to save critically endangered Orangutans from extinction and to protect the rainforests they live in. they have done some amazing work and recently had a programme on BBC2 which showed the fantastic effort they are making and the vital work they are doing called Red Ape: Saving The Orangutan which showed the rescue and rehabilitation of baby and adult Orangutans, with the goal always to release them back into their natural habitat. However, any animals that can’t fend for themselves are given a permanent home at IAR’s rescue centre in Borneo.

The exhibition saw contemporary mixed media artist Dan Pearce set aside his iconic portraits to create a new wildlife series, which focused on the beauty of animals whose existence is being challenged by mankind. Both the Sumatran and Bornean Orangutans featured in the series, with the Sumatran being the second most endangered ape in the world. Both species of Orangutan are now considered ‘critically endangered’ as hunting, killing, rapid logging of rainforests and harvesting of palm oil is destroying their habitats.

Staying true to his love of a mixed media He said, “The process was experimental, defining a process on each animal I created. I built up the glass layers, added spray paint, inks and set the mixed media in place using resin, as well as introducing materials like diamond dust and gold leaf.”

In addition to the wildlife artworks, Dan also created 20 Endangered champagne bottles. These bottles featured Orangutans, Pandas, Lions and Elephants, and they were given as a complimentary gift with every original piece purchased.

The exhibition ran for two weeks  June 28 – July 12th

Sky news video interview with Dan Pearce launch of his  Endangered Collection with Zebra One and supporting the charity International Animal Rescue and the amazing work they are doing.

dan pearce endangered exhibition at zebra one gallery   Dan Pearce talks to Sky News

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