Gabrielle du plooy interview

Gabrielle du Plooy interview

Interview with Zebra One Gallery owner, Gabrielle du Plooy in E1iFE Magazine

Rosie Coxshaw caught up with Gabrielle du Plooy the creative soul behind Zebra One Gallery

Can you tell us about the origins of Zebra One Gallery?

My father started the gallery 40 years ago. I took it over 11 years ago and since then I have changed the entire
concept, from modern masters to photography. My first show was with the late Philip Townsend, one of the first photographers of the RollingStones. People said I was crazy and that no one would want to buy photos of rock stars. But, me being me, I went ahead, phoned the local newspapers and had a sell-out show.

How do you think the art industry has changed over the years?

It has changed massively. Artists have the internet now, so they can use social media to represent themselves, artists are free so they don’t want to be nailed down by a gallery, especially now with so many different platforms to sell their art. We are lucky that we have been here for such a long time – we like to build a good solid relationship with
our artists and we are trusted in the industry so they don’t object and are happy to be guided by us.

Who are your regular clients?

As we’ve been in the business of art for 40 years in Hampstead, we have built up a great clientele of locals.
Some pretty impressive people have made Hampstead their home – everybody from actors and rock stars to designers and investment bankers. We have a great international client base too, and we tend to work with a
lot of interior design companies and interior stylists.

Do you have a certain style of art you like to feature/sell?

I have eclectic tastes and I am a very visual person. I love photography but right now, modern and contemporary
art, especially painting, is seeing a comeback to the market in a big way, which is exciting.

What do you offer that is different to other galleries?

We have such a rich history – forty years of knowledge, a great portfolio of artists and an incredible clientele. We also offer Art consultancy and Picture framing, plus we have a bespoke advisory service.
Basically, we cover all the possible needs of our clients. We support charities through collaborations with
members’ clubs and hotels via high-end art events. I do a lot of unseen photography exhibitions – it’s one of
my big interests; the shots that didn’t make it, unguarded moments and forgotten images found later.

What events have you got coming up?

I am supporting the Mental Health Foundation. We’ve pulled together established artists, some of whom
have suffered themselves and some of whom just want to lend support. This is such an important time for everyone to be involved with supporting mental health it can and does touch everyone’s lives and we all should be more aware of what people go through and the power Art has to help.

Gabrielle du Plooy was interviewed as part of E1iFE magazines  ‘Doing The Business, Learning from the Best’  issue out now. Click the magazine below…


Gabrielle du Plooy interview in E1iFE Magazine

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