Julia Schildknecht Photography at zebra one gallery

Julieta Schildknecht Photography

Julieta Schildknecht Photography

Julieta Schildknecht premier commercial London show will take place in September at Zebra One Gallery Hampstead. Although she has shown internationally in New York, Brazil and across Europe this will be her first ever commercial showing of this group of works in the UK capital.

The Brazilian born artist uses photography in both a conceptual and journalistic way. This show will present examples from her most revered bodies of work – Stone Valley and Bergbild (both previously shown at The Embassy of Brazil in London and Brussels) partnered with an exclusive showing of After Howl and The Yellow Boy.

Here is a link to a picture from the portfolio entitled After Howl

“After Howl” is a photographic project inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s famous poem “Howl” written in 1955, a manifesto that questions the values and morals of the post-war generation. The project contains a series of 75 photographs made as a journal in the same room, at different hours and throughout different days during one entire year. It is an expression of the artist’s tireless experimentation with and appropriation of the photographic process, exploring the boundaries and limits of the photographic medium. The photographs create a lyrical situation that reflects on the relationships with the visual and the verbal, reforming the hollow sense of time, place, identity, and subjectivity. The artist alters the literal grounds of Ginsberg’s poem to reclaim its purity and speak of an intimate sense of time and perception. In its meditation on death and morality, space and time, ethics and existence, the photograph creates a liberating tension to challenge fixed interpretations.

A mixed media approach

All bodies of work employ a fusion of process; iPhone, digital, analogue, layering of out-of-date film with materials such as recycled paper, watercolour paper and polyester film.

Julieta Schildknecht has been commissioned to photograph icons from the art, film and fashion world; Peter Greenaway, Don McCullin and John Travolta are among the impressive list of legends to sit for her.

Her work is in the private collections of the likes of Tina Turner, Thomas Koerfer, James Moores and Jan Fabre and the Swiss public collections of the Tinguely Museum and Foundation Herzog for Photography. She is represented by the agencies Keystone and Agencia O Estado de S. Paulo.

Julieta Schildknecht
Selected Works: 8 – 15 September 2017

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