Alistair Bennett Smiley Spot Paintings

Title: Smiley Spot Painting

Year: 2021

Size: 80 x 59cm

Medium: Painted Birch Panels

Edition: Open Edition




After collaborating on various art installations at both Burning Man and Afrika Burn, where he has been a regular fixture for the last decade, Ali B was inspired to focus more of his energy on art. Having spent years assisting the renowned pop artist Clive Barker, often tasked with locating source material for his pieces, Clive encouraged Ali, whilst generously acting as a mentor and guide through a world he has occupied since the 1960s, when he first exhibited alongside the likes of Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, at the infamous Robert Fraser gallery.

Ali B’s style is very much influenced by Pop Art with his bold use of colours, shapes and subject matter echoing the giants of the 1960s whilst giving a nod to their contemporaries such as Douglas Coupland and Damien Hirst.

Ali B page in Wikipedia


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Alistair Bennett Smiley Spot Paintings

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