Andy Warhol Chanel Yellow

Title: Chanel No5 Poster Yellow

Year: 1985

Size: 56cm x 74cm (22″ x 29″)

Medium: Lithographic Print

Edition:  Limited Edition Ads Series.

Signed: Plate



These posters are from the first and only print run and there are few left worldwide.

This poster was featured in a Chanel No 5 campaign in Paris France in 1997.

The image was created by Andy Warhol in the mid-1980s but was not used until the Chanel campaign.

It is plate signed “Andy Warhol” ie the signature is part of the poster and bears the Chanel and Warhol Foundation trademark statements.

Linen-backed which preserves and protects the poster from accidental creasing or tearing and provides a secure base for framing.

Andy Warhol created the Chanel No5 poster circa 1985 as part of his ADS series of prints. Chanel having the right to use the image waited until 1997 to make the posters available to the general public and for advertising. The images were used in a campaign from June 1997. Postcards were given out at parfumeries in France using the Warhol image on one side and offering the perfume on the other. The text said that a limited edition poster celebrating Warhol and Chanel would be available for a limited time at parfumeries and department stores such as Galeries Lafayette, Nouvelle Galeries, etc as a gift only with the purchase of Chanel No5 and that is where the 22 x 29 edition comes from.

This poster is from the 1997 promotion and not a modern reproduction.

The Warhol Foundation states;

“The Foundation rigorously protects itself against unauthorized uses of its copyrights and trademarks. Through outside counsel and in conjunction with Artists Rights Society and its sister societies worldwide, the Foundation aggressively pursues and takes appropriate action against all unlawful uses of its intellectual property.”

Andy Warhol Chanel Green

Andy Warhol Chanel Yellow

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