Banksy Trolleys

Year: 2006

Size: 76 x 56cm

Medium: Screenprint

Edition: 150 Signed 

Signed: Yes


Banksy Trolleys (aka Trolley Hunters) originally released in 2006 as part of the LA edition accompanying Banksy’s Barely Legal Show. This exhibition in a warehouse turned the art world upside down. The “Barely Legal Print Set, Morons, Grannies, Festival, Sale Ends, Applause, Trolleys are known as the most sought after series of prints by Banksy and are also the rarest.

Trolleys had a UK release at Pictures On Walls which came in three different ways – an ed 750 signed colour prints and 500 unsigned and with 150 signed black and white prints.


Banksy Bomb Middle England Signed


Banksy Trolleys

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