Banksy Grin Reaper

Artist: Banksy

Title: Grin Reaper

Year: 2005

Medium: Screenprint

Image Size: 70 x 45cm

Framed Size: approx. 85 x 60cm

Edition: 300

Signature: Signed


Banksy Grin Reaper was one of the earliest known street art themes from the artist. It appeared in London’s Old street neighborhood where Banksy first tagged with the DryBreadZ Crew. Most of these early pieces around the streets of Shoreditch are gone now, they were removed in London’s 2007 anti-graffiti sweep, but Banksy reproduced the popular “Smiley Grim Reaper Death On A Clock” image in this iconic 2005 limited edition screen print with 300 signed pieces.

BanksyGrin Reaper sits hunched over the face of the London Tower clock with his symbolic scythe in hand and his bare, skeleton feet swinging over the clock’s hands. The clock’s hands are at 5 minutes from midnight. Although the clock and Reaper are printed only in black and white on a gray background, the black cloak of the reaper is printed in an extremely painterly manner that makes the print look like a hand-drawn artwork


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Banksy Grin Reaper

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