Chris Fallows

Year: 2021

Size: 127 x 188 cm (h x w)

Medium: Photography, Backlit LED light box with 110mm deep aluminium frame

Signed: Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity



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The definition of the word defiance: showing a disposition to challenge, resist, or fight.

In this case, defiance applies to every obstacle from nature, climate change and humanity that are thrown at the footfall of this herd.

This magnificent matriarch’s disposition towards my camera only reinforces this survival-at-all-costs mentality.

This particular herd instinctively recognises that to get to the water, they need to walk dozens of kilometres across the encrusted earth of Amboseli’s great dry lakes.

It is a journey that has played out for centuries, a tale of survival where the elderly, as well as the newborn, are brushed with the same stroke as those in their prime.

Chris Fallows

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