Dain Nyc
Bossy di Basquiat

Year: 2019

Size: 100 x 1oocm 

Medium: Mixed media, Aerosol Spray, Acrylic, Varnish, Collage on Canvas

Edition: Original Artwork

Signed: Yes


Dain Nyc Bossy di Basquiat, One of the most influential street artists to emerge from New York, Born in Brooklyn, DAIN NYC combines glamour and grit brilliantly. He features iconic black and white headshots of actresses from the past to the present with collage from a variety of media (advertisements, fashion magazines and found images.)

in every piece, be it Brooklyn street Art or a piece for a gallery DAIN manages to balance fine art, contemporary and street art. In 2018, DAIN was commissioned for public mural projects in New York City by fashion and apparel companies including Coach and Puma, respectively.

There is no rhyme or reason to the collaged pieces, they just speak to him and putting those together takes the most time. Once he has his foundation image down he begins choosing colours, painting and layering spray paint.  Collage is the foundation; from there it gets easier.

Evolving the Works

Dain is also concentrating much more on painting now, evolving his pieces.  He likes old Hollywood from the 40’s and 50’s, especially the fashion when women dressed iconic and beautifully.  They didn’t show much skin and didn’t have to, you’ll notice his pieces are tasteful and the women are not revealing. Dain likes mixing the fashion of men’s suiting with a beautiful face for example.  Women were beautiful with their clothes on and classic films and images made you think.  You had to use your imagination.


The artist remains a mystery, with his roots in graffiti, he creates a textured form of portraiture that has its own delicate yet complex language that is all his own and not just Graffiti.

Dain Timeless Beauty

Dain Nyc
Bossy di Basquiat

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