Rebecca Walker

Title: Regent St

Year: 2020

Size: 29 x 42cm (A3)

Medium: Print


Signed: Yes



Rebecca Walker creates hand-drawn artworks that are influenced by the styles of 19th Century illustrated newspapers, such as the old London Illustrated News. They are suggestive of older perceptions of time and events in public spaces but transported into the London of today.

“It is not necessary that the imagery I have deployed in the drawings accords with any photographic reality. What I am describing through line and choice of image is my feeling for the magical realism of this timeless, beautiful city. I have envisioned modern London through the eyes of its previous inhabitants, with an aesthetic continuity”.


Regent Street. This was the first custom-designed shopping mall in the history of the world, and 2019 has been its 200th anniversary. It was an enormously prestigious architectural project. The unique curvature of the buildings and street was forced on the designers when certain land, necessary for a straight street, could not be procured and the planned street was re-routed as we see it today. As an inveterate shopper and people watcher, I am entranced by this street and always intrigued by what or who I might find around the curve. Here, I have assembled tableaux of the throng, a Street Party in honour of shops, shopping, and shoppers. It is a place dedicated to satisfying one of the deepest loves known to humankind, which is how to dress… I mean shop… I mean dress… I mean shop!



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Rebecca Walker

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