Zhang Xiaogang – Bloodline Series

Artist: Zhang Xiaogang 

Title: Bloodline Series – Father and Daughter No. 1

Year: 2005

Size:  93 × 131.1 cm   36. 5/8 × 51. 5/8 in

Medium: Lithograph in colours on cotton fiber paper

Edition: 68

Signed: Yes in Pencil


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Zhang Xiaogang Bloodline Series, this work comments on the Cultural Revolution which occurred in China between 1966 and 1976, in particular referencing greyscale family photos in a classic studio setting.

Also inspired by Western surrealism, Zhang Xiaogang engages with concepts of identity within an Eastern culture of collectivism. The anonymous figures are suggestive of multiple generations merging into one formulaic identity, with a bright burst of colour interrupting the monochrome and breaking the trend.

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Zhang Xiaogang – Bloodline Series

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