Rosso Emerald Crimson Interlude oil painting available at zebra one gallery

Rosso Emerald Crimson



Rosso is a realist painter and she uses portraiture and self-portraiture to explore and analyse herself and the world around her. Taking inspiration from personal memories along with observations from real life and imagination, Rosso recreates stories and scenes which explore and address the vulnerability and strength of the human condition.

The pictorial language is metaphorical and subtly ironical. Themes address and revolve around femininity, gender, sexuality, motherhood as well as ethical and political issues. They are carried out by predominantly female characters who enact a ‘persona’ or stereotype that resonate with the viewers at various levels of the subconscious mind

I have learned in the academic painting tradition and in years of practice I developed a contemporary version of realism which combines elements of abstract expressionism, mixed media, collage, illustration and even photography. Whereas I find in classicism a powerful vehicle to express the plethora of human emotions, my painting method is constantly evolving and driven more by what is still unknown to me, than by the tested and established.

Award Winning

The Artist is an award-winning portrait artist who brings intimacy and character to her colourful paintings.

Italian Born 

Italian born, Rosso lives and works in London since 2004. She graduated in Political Science in Italy then obtained an MA in International Communications and Human Rights at City University in London (UK). She worked in marketing and advertising before changing her career direction to the visual arts.
Rosso trained briefly at the Royal Drawing School and at the London Atelier of Representational Art (LARA) in London, but is primarily a self-taught artist.


Her artistic accolades include winning the “Jackson Open Painting Prize 2019 (JOPP2019)” for the Portrait/Figure category; the “The Harbour Gallery Award” and “The Artist's Exhibition Award” (TALP Open 2019); “The Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2017” and the “Emerald Winter Pride Art Award” in 2016.
In 2018, she was selected to participate in the popular TV series “Sky Portrait Artist of The Year 2019”. She has exhibited across London in venues including the Mall Galleries, Bloomsbury and The Strand Gallery. Her work has been featured in various UK national magazines (Artists and Illustrator; The Artist’s Magazine), and her painting, ‘Young Climate Rebel’ was the front cover image for the September 2019 issue of Arena Magazine (Australia).

Competitions and Awards

2019 — WINNER of the Portrait/Figure Prize of the “Jackson Open Painting Prize 2019” (JOPP2019)

2019 — “The Artist's Exhibition Award”, TALP OPEN 2019

2019 — “The Harbour Gallery Award”, TALP OPEN 2019

2019 — Contestant in “Sky Portrait Artist of The Year 2019”, Sky Arts

2018 — Shortlisted for “Artist of The Year 2018”, Mall Galleries (Artists and Illustrator)

2017 — WINNER of the “Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize 2017”

2016 — WINNER of the “Emerald Winter Pride Art Awards 2016”

2015 — Finalist at “ArtsDepot Open 2015”


“Arena magazine”, cover for issue 161, Aug. 2019

“The Artist Magazine”, October issue, 2019

“Artists&Illustrator”, May 2019

“Quotes - Inspirational quotations / Creative Responses”, Strawlitter Production, 2019

Anuario "Arte y Libertad XIII", Artelibre, 2018

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Exhibitions 2019 - 2020

The Artist Collection, Patchings Art Centre, Nottinghamshire, October - November 2020

THE OTHER ART FAIR, CALM art collective x Connor Brothers, London, March 2020

Mars & Beyond, OXO Tower, London, Feb-March 2020

Art, Music and Life, Brixton Jamm, London, Feb 2020

Elevate 02, The Shard, London, December 2019

Art Fair East, Underdog Gallery, Norwich, November 2019

Utopia, BSMT relaunch, London, October 2019

Summer Exhibition, Underdog Gallery, London, August 2019

The Artist Open Art Competition (TALP OPEN 2019), Patching Art Centre, Notthinghamshire, 2019

Arrows of Desire, The Horse Hospital, London, July 2019

AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, Jackson Painting Prize Finalists, Hampstead Heath, May 2019

The Occult and Symbolism, Underdog Gallery, London, April 2019

Selected past exhibitions

Art Fair East, Underdog Gallery, Norwich (Dec 2018)

Rosso going Solo (solo show), The Art Space, Cass Art, Islington, London, (June 2018 - part of the Holly Bush Painter Prize 2017)

Artist of The Year 2018, Mall Galleries, London (Feb 2018)

AWE, Art Women and Evolution, The Bloosmbury, London (Feb 2018)

WIA women in art, Peggy Jay Gallery, Burgh House, Hampstead, London (2017)

Summer Show, Creative Debut, London (2017)

"The Londoner Compass", The Strand Gallery, London (2017)

"WITP", The Strand Gallery, London (2016)

"Tribe16", Chrom Art, The Ugly Duck, London (2016)

"It's Art Exhibition", D-Contemporary, Mayfair, London (2016)

"Debased", Cultivate collective, BSMT space, London (2016)

"The Human Figure: Myth and Storytelling", The Gallery, Stoke Newington, London (2016)

"Summer Salon", Islington Art Factory, London (2016)

"Emerald Life Winter Pride Art Awards", Islington Art Factory, London (2016)

"Hand Maid", S'A collective,  Hoxton Arches Gallery, London(2016)

"Urban Art Experience", Nude Tin Can Gallery, St Albans (2016)

"Homunculus", Asylum, London (2016)

 “ICADF 2015”, Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair, London (2015)

“Painting & Sculpture”, Candid Art Gallery, London (2015)

“Portraits”, Espacio gallery, London (2015)

“Outsider Art Exhibition”, Candid Art Gallery, London (2015)

“FLUX”, Gray’s Art Gallery, London (2015)

“Seams”, Sweat’Art Collective, Hoxton Arches Gallery, London (2015)

“Royal Art in the World – Italian and Foreign Contemporary Art”, ROA Royal Opera Arcade, London (2015)

“NOT the Royal Academy”, Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London (2014)

“Artsdepot Open 2014”, Artsdepot, London (2014)