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Identity examined how our (often distorted) self-perceptions are shaped by experience, society and the media as well as its impact on mental health, the importance of talking about these anxieties and the transformative power of self-expression, such as art.

IDENTITY features the work of Bruno Metra and Laurence Jeanson The duo say that the series Identity 1&2 are works intended to show how much people are influenced by the media,

Meltem Isik placing enlarged images of various body parts in front of the subject’s body, Isik explores topics such as body image and self-awareness. In a statement about the project, Isik says: “The complexity that originates from the capability of our bodies to see and be seen simultaneously provides the basis of the work that I construct using different viewpoints.

Leigh de Vries Body Dysmorphic Disorder or BDD dominated artist Leigh de Vries life for more than 25 years. It remained hidden behind a wall of secrecy and isolation. Exploring her condition through Art, her socially engaged art experience – breaks down societal stigmas and offers an opportunity to encounter and understand BDD through the lens of the sufferer. photographer

Derek Santini never-before-seen images of Lady Gaga, who famously suffered from BDD

Daniel Martin creates his portrait collages by deforming and recreating his materials, or in his words: “the mastery of chance and mistakes.”

Bartosz Beda whose portraits and figurative works are explorations of the relationship between identity, daily life and the human psyche.

James Green put himself in the shoes of BDD-sufferers, using facial expressions to convey the overwhelming feeling of being trapped.

Scarlet Isherwood used resin to encase a real lamb’s heart – representing rotting self-esteem – surrounded by real butterflies and glitter – symbolising advertising, glamorising the need to change and transform.

Daniela Slater looked at the workings of the human body and mind  and questions perception and connectivity through her art and words

A percentage of monies raised from the IDENTITY exhibition went to The BDD Foundation.

The Private View of IDENTITY was held on 22 November, from 6 – 9 pm

The Old Street Gallery 

62 Paul Street, Leonard St, London EC2A 4NA



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30 Oct 2018 – Zebra One Gallery challenged ten artists to explore body dysmorphia … A percentage of monies raised from the exhibition will go to The BDD Foundation


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