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Mason Storm


Mason Storm did not follow the traditional route into art and his training and artistic education in painting, sculpture ceramics and photography came from as he puts it “hanging around with artists from an early age at a local youth centre”, these artists however include some of the UK’s most celebrated, from the world’s best art schools including the Royal Academy, Royal College and Central St.Martins.

Masons work is at times as provocative as it is beautiful, however just like his hero Caravaggio the work has hidden elements in which the viewer is invited to find and decipher, whether it’s a socio-political statement or an outright joke.

Mason Storm came into his own and his subversive nature came to light back in 2010 when he claimed that he would reveal the identity of the world’s most famous street artist Banksy (slightly ironic, not lost on the artist I’m sure) The announcement and build up to the stunt that was meant to promote a group show that Storm was participating in resulted in mixed reactions from people. On one side it had gotten the artist some much-desired publicity, on the other, he and his fellow artists received a lot of threats more akin to the vitriol one might receive from dissing Justin by the Beliebers. in another some might say blatant riposte the artist responded to the controversy by doing what he does best painting an art piece inspired by Banksy in which he was portrayed as a monkey to reflect on his Laugh Now Monkey stencils series.

Mason Storm is known for using his works to comment on political and religious themes.

The artist creates beautiful portraits often satirical, here are two paintings in the links

Alexander McQueen  Damien Hirst



Mason Storm has a  past shrouded in mystery and his need for anonymity stems from this. His past reads more like a plot from a John La Carre novel than a traditional artist’s CV. Mason Storm is somewhat of an enigma in the art world. Although he’s fiercely protective of his anonymity he openly courts publicity and more often than not a fair slice of trouble, his trademark mask allowing him to hide in plain sight.

Mason is a modern master, creating captivating work that is truly magnificent to view. Not afraid to address controversial subjects whilst raising awareness of religious and political hypocrisy. Mason has built up quite a following exhibiting widely and is collected worldwide. An exceptionally talented artist producing dramatic and intense work that is often shockingly realistic with the power and immediacy to astonish. An intriguing man, a truly amazing artist that is already considered a legend.



Storm harks back to a time where artists lived and breathed and often died for their art, his greatest influences come from painters from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, his favourite artist and influence being Caravaggio, however, he has also embraced art from across the whole spectrum mixing and melding any style that fits his work. In the good old day’s artists were the rock stars of their times, like Caravaggio, drinking, hedonism and sword fights were the order of the day, today we have bitching and moaning on Facebook, he wants to bring a bit of that passion to his Art.

Mason was recently in New York where he was invited to submit a piece for the Fresh Takes on Old Masters at Fat-Free Art Gallery a special exhibition of thirteen contemporary artists’ inventive reinterpretations of Old Master Paintings chosen from Sotheby’s 8 June Master Paintings sale in New York, here is the link from Sotheby’s news

 “If you like my work buy it and love it if you hate my work, buy it and burn it!” Says Mason Storm