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One Planet One Chance

for Cool Earth and The Sea Shepherd UK

  Leah wood Butterfly for One Planet One Chance Exhibition with Zebra One Gallery  

Artist and environmental activist Leah Wood collaborates with Zebra One Gallery for the powerful, One Planet, One Chance exhibition with a percentage of proceeds donated to Cool Earth, to protect endangered rainforests, as well as Sea Shepherd UK, funding marine conservation activism.

copyright of Chris Fallows Photography

The exhibition features art celebrating the earth, sea and its beautiful animals, marine-life and ecosystems, which urgently need our help and has been curated by Zebra One Gallery’s Gabrielle Du Plooy and Leah Wood showcasing pieces from Wildlife Photographers and conservationists Chris Fallows and William Fortescue


Amboseli’s great dry lakes.

Chris Fallows’ Lightbox featuring Defiance just one of his magnificent photographic encounters with iconic animals in extraordinary moments;

“In this case, defiance applies to every obstacle from nature, climate change and humanity that are thrown at the footfall of this herd. This magnificent matriarch’s disposition towards my camera only reinforces this survival-at-all-costs mentality. This particular herd instinctively recognises that to get to water, they need to walk dozens of kilometers across the encrusted earth of Amboseli’s great dry lakes.It is a journey that has played out for centuries, a tale of survival where the elderly as well as the new born are brushed with the same stroke as those in their prime”.

Svalbard 2022

Fortescue’s brilliant moment of capturing a Polar Bear “It was not until our last night when, at 1am, with many of the crew still on the bridge, binoculars in hand, desperately searching for a bear, there was a ripple of excitement. On the far side of the fjord was two yellow spots. Bears?”

William Fortescue A Touch of Frost for one planet one chance exhibition with Zebra One Gallery
Copyright of William Fortescue


it also features photography from explorer, photographer and environmentalist Konrad Bartelski – from the Norwegian Arctic to Antarctica –  Bumble Bee, Butterfly and polar bear original paintings by Leah Wood Wood says: “My passions are art, painting and my ambassador work for Cool Earth, so I’m proud to combine these to raise money and awareness for Cool Earth and Sea Shepherd at such a critical time for the planet. We must continue to take urgent climate action to protect rainforest and support people who live there.”

  Ben Eine and Lucie Flynn for One Planet One Chance Exhibition at Zebra One Gallery  

The Urban artists, Ben Eine and Lucie Flynn collaborate on a wonderful piece for the show, Dom Pattinson contributes his signature fantastic artworks as does the elusive and provocative, painter and sculptor Mason Storm who was never a porn star.

The show also features work from

Jonathan Ducrest, Tim Muddiman, Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Alexandra Gallagher, Simone Ember, El Hardwick,James Rawson, Seana Gavin

The exhibition will launch with a VIP Private View at Koppel Project on 2 June and will open to the public on 3 June, before moving to Zebra One Gallery’s virtual exhibition