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Lucie Flynn was born in London in 1973 after completing a degree in printed textiles at Brunel University, Flynn became a fashion textile designer and painter in London selling to clients in NY, LA and Japan.

The artist was scouted to work for the artist Damien Hirst, beginning as a fabricator and progressing to Assistant Studio Manager. She worked closely with Damien and his personal art collection, alongside sourcing works and materials for production and international exhibitions.

“My creative life took an interesting detour after I was offered a studio space in the heart of Shoreditch – which I shared with an internationally known artist.”


“The artist taught me the basics in preparing my own canvases and before I knew it I was exhibiting my paintings in the surrounding area with my work being placed in a few of the new galleries that were popping up at the time. In the beginning, I was primarily concentrating on painting portraits of my social group at that time and moving to an ongoing ‘Cow Series’ – the first of which was purchased by Banksy for his friend Damien Hirst.”

This original collection of work was inspired by a selection of photographs that were taken on the day of the Eclipse in 2001 and resulted in a sellout show. This theme is being revisited by the artist who is working towards an exhibition for a new take on the original series.



“With my painting style, I leave a lot to chance and apply many layers of paint to the canvas before wiping away and reapplying new blocks or sections. This results in a light and fluid form, nothing can appear to look perfect or too finished in the traditional sense. I mix a variety of mediums to acrylic paint which gives me many textures to play with. It is easy to notice that I am drawn to the more melancholy side of things in my subject matter but in contrast, the colour palette is bright and clashing” – Lucie Flynn

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