Peter McArdle

Artist: Peter Mcardle

Title: Untitled Blessings

Year: 2018

Size: 135 x 45cm 

Medium: Painting, Oil on Canvas

Edition: Original Artwork

Signed: Yes



Peter McArdle presents a body of work that explores the relationship between fine art traditions – the nude, the landscape, sculpture, as well as the history of painting itself, and reconsiders each in the context of the new digital image that now dominates the visual culture.

Across video, drawing installation and painting McArdle, through the relocation of digital images in a fine art context, makes an inquiry into the possibilities of narrative in such a culture. The images he creates disorientate the viewer and plunge them into the unreliable narrative and self-reflection that he suggests result from consuming images in the way we do. He invites the viewer to consider the status of the people, places, and events that populate these images and negotiate the gaps between thoughts, desires and language.

Peter McArdle

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